Our Mission.
We are dedicated to creating a healthier, happier lifestyle for all of our customers.

About Us

The Relief Brothers concept was created to help our friends, family and even ourselves achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle. Many of us suffer from all ranges of ailments including: chronic pain, PTSD, trouble sleeping or even severe anxiety. CBD is found to help combat all of those issues.

Our CEO, Adam Telesha, suffers from multiple herniated discs in both his neck and back. Rather than take prescription medication, like most doctors prescribe, he sought a natural alternative to combat his ailments. He found CBD products to be the solution ! With little or no side effects CBD helped alleviate his symptoms and deal with the everyday pain without the use of prescription medication!

From there the vision of the Relief Brothers was born. We have searched the entire country to find the best CBD products on the market, all backed with Lab Results and COA's, to ensure the highest quality products. We hope you join us on our mission to help yourself and your family members through their tough times with the help of CBD.

Our Vision

After viewing the CBD market we noticed that most consumers had to obtain their CBD products from each individual companies website, making it hard for anyone to find the product that works best for them. Therefore, we developed the Relief Brothers concept and do the work for you! Many CBD customers have tried some form of CBD from their local stores but there is no way to know if you are getting what's on the label. We searched the entire country to obtain products all backed with lab results and COA's to ensure the products we carry are of the highest quality.


We are always looking to incorporate high quality Brands from all over the United States to add to our ever growing catalog. Currently we feature products from: North Carolina (cbdMD), Florida ( Green Roads), Colorado (CBDistillery & CBD Luxe), and New York(Green Empire).  In an attempt to provide our customers with one single location to shop for all your CBD needs , we covered as many product categories as possible. With multiple brands to choose from in most of our categories you can compare pricing and quality in the convenience of your own home.