CBD softgels provide a precise amount CBD to make your daily regimen simple and easy. Capsules are suggested to help with digestive issues. When ingesting CBD in a pill form it can take upward of 30 minutes or more to digest before you experience an effect.

CBD Capsules

CBD infused gummies provide a simple way for you to enjoy a precise amount of CBD everyday. CBD edibles are a great way to combat your anxiety throughout the day. When ingesting CBD in an edible form it can take upward of 30 minutes before you experience an effect.

Edible CBD

CBD Inhalers are one of the easiest ways to administer CBD Oil by delivering precise doses. In addition to precision dosing, using CBD inhalers means faster uptake of the CBD into your system than other methods so you feel the effects almost immediately.

Night Time

Sleep is one of the most important recovery tools. By combining CBD and melatonin you create the perfect combination for your Night Time routine. The Night Time products we carry are a fantastic alternative for you to achieve a good nights rest. They come in Tinctures, Capsules, & Edibles so it's up to you to find what method is best for you to ingest.

Night-Time CBD

Rosin is one the most natural CBD products next to the flower it self. It is cold pressed directly out of the plant achieving peak freshness which is a difference you can both taste and feel. This product comes in Vapes, Capsules, & Tinctures and is considered one of the cleanest CBD extraction methods in the market.

Rosin CBD

CBD Sprays are mostly applied directly on the skin. Certain Sprays are even ingested sublingually similar to the average CBD Tincture. It is certainly a convenient product for those who don't like the texture or smell of other Topical products in the market. One of the Spray innovations is the Freeze Spray from CBD Luxe.

Spray On CBD

Smokeable CBD includes any Flower, Hemp Cigarettes, & Vapes. They can be extremely relaxing and easy to enjoy CBD, Smokeable products are also fast acting, as they absorb into your blood stream quicker than most products.

Smokeable CBD

Tincture Oil is usually ingested sublingually under your tongue. They come in wide range of concentrates, not only for those starting out but also for long time CBD users. They come in a large range of strengths giving you the power to decide how strong you want your dose to be.


Topical CBD has a range of uses. Topicals come in many forms such as Lotions, Massage Oils, Sprays, & Balms. Some products even come in Hot & Cold Relief serums. They are meant to be applied directly to the skin at the users discretion & are used for a range of appliances.

Topical CBD

Vapes (vaporizers) also known as Carts (cartridges) are a great way to use CBD throughout your day. They mainly come in 500ml -1000ml cartridges in many different flavors, they even come Rosin Tincture Carts. Vapes are similar to Smokeables & Inhalers, because both of them act quicker than most CBD products.


CBD products are not only beneficial for us Humans, they can be helpful for your furry friends too, both Dogs & Cats. CBD for Pets are sold in Tinctures & Treats. Some people will give their pets tincture sublingually and for the fussy ones Treats can be an easier alternative.

Pet Product CBD