Mint - Tincture spray

CBD LUXE’s commitment to bringing you the highest quality CBD oil on the market using the latest and greatest technology to deliver it to your body continues with our new pharma-grade CBD oral and topical spray tinctures.

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Our mint CBD oil tincture spray is now available in a large 30 ml bottle, delivering 1000 mg of Pharma-Grade CBD. This long-lasting bottle provides all of the conveniences and health benefits of our 15 ml bottle while delivering cost savings and twice the amount of doses.

Our customers care about their health and wellness, which is why we use organic and non-GMO ingredients in our mint tincture spray. You’re interested in CBD oil for the physical and mental health benefits, so why not that be sure you are getting premium ingredients to maximize your wellness? The mint we use is steam distilled, so you aren’t getting any of the dangerous chemicals that other companies use to distill mint.

Why Choose Mint CBD Oil Spray?

Not only is our peppermint steam distilled and most of our ingredients are organic and non-GMO ingredients , but we also use MCT oil as a carrier oil for the CBD.  MCT oil is derived from coconuts and has a wide range of its own health benefits, including promoting weight loss, providing instant energy, fighting bacterial growth, and more. All of our CBD is pharma-grade and meets our rigorous quality tests. Using a tincture spray as a vehicle for your CBD also results in maximum absorption, so there is no waste.

Why Choose CBD LUXE Tinctures?

CBD LUXE if focused on delivering you the purest ingredients, greatest efficacy, and our commitment to you and your healthy lifestyle. Try our CBD mint oil tincture spray today and you won’t be disappointed!


Organic MCT Coconut Oil, Non-GMO Peppermint Extract, CBD Isolate,

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Mint - Tincture spray

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